DREAM PLAN DO – Business skills especially for creative types!

DREAM PLAN DO – Business skills especially for creative types!

I know many of my readers are fellow creatives, many of whom run or want to run a creative business of some sort – how about making 2017 the year you really make it for yourself?! If only running your creative business was as easy as making your products, creating the things you love! If only we loved to do the business side as much as making! The business aspect can be very daunting, and some of us are good at some areas and not so good at others, but all are equally important to run a successful creative business.

DREAM PLAN DO Creative business planner

DREAM PLAN DO Creative business planner (Image: Yeshen Venema)

My friend Patricia van den Akker of The Design Trust has written a book specifically to help you with this – it’s a planner called DREAM PLAN DO, is aimed specifically at people running creative businesses, and it’s designed to help you be more successful in 2017. Patricia is an expert in coaching creative people to develop their business skills, and has been doing it for over 15 years, working with thousands of creative businesses, so she really does know what makes a business successful. I absolutely love The Design Trust, and have been taking Patricia’s advice and guidance for several years myself; in fact it was fundamental in my starting Typelark… Before embarking on this wonderful ‘adventure with letters’, I had to work out whether it was actually feasible to do so from a business point of view, and even now, 2 years after launching, I still look to Patricia for advice, as it’s an ongoing task to work on your business.

So as you can imagine, I am HUGELY excited to be working with Patricia and The Design Trust on DREAM PLAN DO! Some of my work will feature in the planner itself.

DREAM PLAN DO Prioritise what you really want (Image: Yeshen Venema)

DREAM PLAN DO Prioritise what you really want (Image: Yeshen Venema)

DREAM PLAN DO is about

  • Dreaming – what do you want to achieve with your creative business, what are your goals?
  • Planning – working out the best way to achieve these goals, planning more strategically how to get there, with guidance of the best steps to take.
  • and Doing – putting all these new plans into action and really put your creative talent into use – one of the most crucial points we fail on (we’ve all sat down and made plans only to never implement them, myself included!).

It’s so important to be on top of the business side, whether it’s admin, marketing, cash flow, tax returns and so on – otherwise it’s a hobby rather than a business. The planner is perfect if you are an established business that wants to take stock and make improvements, and also for fledgling businesses to focus on which steps to take in order to create the creative business of their dreams.

The planner itself is aimed at those with a creative product-based business; so whether you are in jewellery, fashion accessories, homewares & giftware, stationery and so on, this planner can help you work on your business. Many of the themes are specifically tailored to them, for example selling to trade, and help with making the most of seasonal opportunities. It tackles different topics each month to make sure you cover all areas of your business, and to make sure you don’t feel overwhelmed.

DREAM PLAN DO Monthly themes (Image: Yeshen Venema)

DREAM PLAN DO Monthly themes (Image: Yeshen Venema)

For more information and to get hold of your own copy of DREAM PLAN DO, it’s on sale now at Kickstarter until Wednesday 2 November 2016 (22:00 UK time). And besides the planner, there are plenty more goodies on offer to help you create your perfect creative business!

By the way, as one of the designers involved and as an affiliate, I do get a small commission for recommending DREAM PLAN DO. I am extremely excited and proud to be involved with such a wonderful project and The Design Trust, I hold them in high regard for the help and resources they’ve given me and my creative business. I’ve already ordered my copy as I know it will prove invaluable to me, and I know it will be to many of you too.

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