Here we go on an Adventure with Letters… come join me!

Here we go on an Adventure with Letters… come join me!

A big warm welcome to Typelark! Zoë here, it’s taken a while for me to get a blog going, but here it is at last. I’ve started off with some posts I wrote for another website but they are, to be honest, much better off living here on Typelark – they are full of type related goodness to start you with. So do have a look and don’t be too alarmed that they were written a while ago!

In the future here, I will be writing about all things typography related, so if you’re a type geek, keep check on new posts, or you can also sign up for ‘Typelark Tidings‘ to be in the know when new posts go up. I’ll be talking about letterpress, exhibitions, books, events, neon signs, ghost signs, signwriting, my inspiration, my work and my process… the list really does go on!

Some of my posts may be about events that have already happened a while ago, but I still want to share them with you as they still have some relevance.

I’ll also be looking for guest blog posts now and again, so if you have a typographic topic in mind, please do let me know by contacting me here or via Twitter.

I’ll leave you there for now, and I look forward to catching up with you soon! And please come say how do to me over at Twitter any time at all!

With warm wishes, ampersands and ligatures,