Zoe Chan Typelark letterpress


Typography evokes emotions, memories and associations, and gives texture to language…

Type: shortened form of ‘Typography’
Lark: derived from the term ‘mudlark’: a person who scavenges in river mud for objects of value i.e. searching for hidden treasures.
Typelark: thereby I am a Typelark – uncovering hidden typographic treasures in our everyday language, memories and associations.

I’m Zoë Chan, Chief Typelark. Those who know me know I’m a self-confessed typography and lettering obsessive, vintage sign fiend, ghost sign hunter, neon sign lover, and very partial to ligatures and ampersands!

Typography is at the core of all my work, and I love to explore the way in which it can evoke emotions, memories and associations, and how it gives texture to language. Typelark is an adventure with letters.

I fell in love with letterpress many moons ago, especially for its uniqueness, heritage and tactility. I design my typographic art then hand-print it on my vintage Adana press for graphic gifts, greetings cards and bespoke work including invitations and announcements.


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